AcceptEmail and PayWithMyBank® Partner to Bring Consumers Heightened Convenience in Bill Payments while Cutting Down on Billing Costs

AcceptEmail and PayWithMyBank® Partner to Bring Consumers Heightened Convenience in Bill Payments while Cutting Down on Billing Costs

July 28, 2015

Meeting Expectations of the Millennial Generation for Mobility and Immediate Results; Billers Paid by VerifiedACH Avoid Costly Fees and Get Real-time Payment Updates

July 28, 2015 01:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AcceptEmail has joined forces with PayWithMyBank to offer businesses a more convenient bill payment experience for their customers at a substantial cost savings.

“Millennials, especially, are turning away from debit and credit cards and seeking out mobile payment methods. We’ve seen that trend take hold in Europe, and it’s happening now in America”

Consumers who use AcceptEmail enjoy a quick, easy and intuitive bill payment experience from either their mobile devices or desktops: within an AcceptEmail dynamic email from a biller, consumers choose among the payment options offered, and authorize payment. With PayWithMyBank’s VerifiedACH™ now available as an AcceptEmail payment type, consumers can also pay their bills with online banking.

VerifiedACH lets consumers pay directly from their bank accounts by simply signing into their online banking. There’s no card, bank account or routing numbers to provide, no account to create or new password to remember. Consumers avoid the convenience fees that often come with card-based online bill payment services, as well as the interest associated with credit cards. Payments are protected by the same bank-grade security that consumers trust daily for online banking.

“This is the best of both worlds,” said AcceptEmail CEO Peter Kwakernaak. “Billers who take advantage of the combination of AcceptEmail and PayWithMyBank need not make adjustments to their systems, website or Apps in order to get VerifiedACH with real-time confirmations. They will reap substantial savings too. ACH is far less expensive to transact than credit card payments, which often take a percentage of the invoice amount.”

Meeting Demands of Millennials for Mobility, Speed, and Convenience

Consumers of the Millennial Generation, some 76 million Americans born in the two decades before the year 2000, will welcome the AcceptEmail-PayWithMyBank method of direct payments. As digital natives, they grew up in a networked, online world.

“Millennials, especially, are turning away from debit and credit cards and seeking out mobile payment methods. We’ve seen that trend take hold in Europe, and it’s happening now in America,” said Kwakernaak.

“But it’s not just the Millennials,” added Alexandre Gonthier, PayWithMyBank CEO. “50% of Americans either do not have a credit card, or prefer not to use one. The majority of adults, however, have a bank account and use email.”

PayWithMyBank already enables approximately 90% of US online banking customers to use its service.

How AcceptEmail Works

AcceptEmail generates payment requests on behalf of billers, displays the payment options that the billers offer to their customers, delivers essential data to the chosen payment method, and obtains authorization of the payment.

When the authorization arrives, the consumer gets notified immediately. The AcceptEmail payment request changes color on screen – from blue (payment due) to green (payment received).

Billers who use AcceptEmail typically experience reductions of up to 70 percent in collection costs. They also receive instant proof of bill delivery. AcceptEmail customers pay their bills faster – between ten and 14 days – than those who use paper bills.

Close to 30% of the millions of AcceptEmails sent out in the past twelve months were opened on mobile devices. Kwakernaak maintains that the percentage of mobile bill payers will continue to grow rapidly, as will the use of mobile-ready payment methods such as PayWithMyBank’s VerifiedACH, Amazon and PayPal.

“’Synergy’ is a frequently overused word, but it is entirely appropriate here,” Kwakernaak concluded.

About PayWithMyBank

PayWithMyBank allows consumers to pay or get paid easily by connecting to their online banking account without leaving the merchant’s site or app. Using a secure portal, consumers simply log into their online banking with the bank login information they know by heart. Login details are never seen or stored by the biller. There is no account to create, no card, bank numbers or billing information to provide, and no new password to remember. The bank verifies the consumer’s identity, and provides the same security consumers trust daily for online banking.

PayWithMyBank is available to anyone with a US bank account. Online merchants and billers save on payment fees, nonprofits put more donation dollars to their cause, and insurance companies and other paper check issuers move disbursements online. PayWithMyBank is headquartered in Redwood City, CA.

About AcceptEmail

AcceptEmail is the easiest way to receive and pay bills and reminders for consumers and SMEs. Rather than a notification to log in to a biller portal, customers receive real-time payment requests via various messaging solutions: email, mobile, QR code or social media. In a few clicks, bills can be paid directly from the inbox, using online or mobile payment methods. No manual data (re)entry is involved, and the customer does not need to register or log-in. Customers experience more convenience, with fewer steps to take and with real-time updates that show the current status of the bill in the message itself.

AcceptEmail is the market leader for consumer remittances in Western Europe, serving approximately 600 clients. named the company one of Europe’s 50 Hottest FinTech Companies in 2014. Headquartered in Amsterdam, AcceptEmail has offices in Belgium, the UK, and its recently opened (May 2015) location in New York.




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