One Million PCI Self Assessment Questionnaires Later…

One Million PCI Self Assessment Questionnaires Later…

December 5, 2013

Payment Security and Compliance firm ControlScan celebrates company milestone as one-millionth merchant begins the PCI SAQ compliance validation process

ATLANTA, Dec. 4, 2013 – Payment security and compliance solution provider ControlScan has surpassed the one-million milestone for merchants initiating its Payment Card Industry (PCI) Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) process. Each year, small merchants complete the PCI SAQ to assess their security posture and comply with the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS).

ControlScan partners with merchant acquirers, independent sales organizations (ISOs) and other merchant service providers to help the small and mid-sized merchants within their portfolios more effectively secure their payment transactions and comply with the PCI DSS. Known for its high-touch support services, ControlScan expertly guides merchants through each step of the process, including SAQ completion.

“We’ve spent the last six years helping small merchants understand the steps they need to take to protect their business and their customers’ information from data thieves,” said Timothy Thomas, director of product management, ControlScan. “The expertise and connectivity we’ve established has allowed us to continually innovate within the payment security space.”

A recent ControlScan innovation, SmartSAQ, was designed from the ground up to maintain the integrity of the traditional PCI SAQ while removing the complexities that can cause merchant error and abandonment. According to Thomas, the completion rate for SmartSAQ, which has been in use since mid-Summer 2013, is 89.1%.

“Crossing the one-million SAQ mark is an important milestone for ControlScan, because it shows the value we provide to both our partners and the merchants they serve,” said Thomas.

Merchant service providers who are interested in partnering with ControlScan to better secure their merchants and reduce business risk are encouraged to visit or call 1-800-825-3301.


About ControlScan
Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, ControlScan delivers payment security and compliance solutions to a global network of merchant service providers and the small businesses they serve. The company’s innovative approach to secure hosted payment and PCI compliance solutions leverages technology, education and services to provide flexible options for its customers. Known for its thought leadership, ControlScan gives its customers a clear view of marketplace issues and trends so they can remain competitive. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-825-3301.

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