About Us

Turning Experience into Results

TTV, founded in 2000, is one of a handful of venture firms focused exclusively on investing in fintech companies. We have a team approach so that all of our partners are available to provide assistance and advice as needed. The trusted relationships we've built over 16 to 30+ years with the major banks, processors, networks and other payment ecosystem participants is unparalleled and essential to guiding our companies towards success. Our primary mission is to partner with the best entrepreneurs and provide them with the resources and support they need to successfully build great businesses.

Investment Focus

The financial industry provides the foundation of all online and offline commerce. The industry must utilize technology to cope with ever-evolving market demands and threats faced by companies, changing consumer demands, payment methods and increasing regulations.

Financial services as an industry is by far the largest industry in the world and is undergoing significant change. We believe the commoditization of mobile, cloud computing and rich data is fueling a Golden Age as all segments of financial services are being transformed. The level of emerging fintech businesses is at an all-time high. TTV Capital has the experience, expertise, relationships and reputation to capitalize on this market dynamic.

Our history is rich with examples of being among the first investors in companies that establish new industry segments: pre-paid cards, payroll automation for SMBs, ACH payment automation, and POS 2.0. The sectors that interest us most are payments, banking and data analytics, but we are also quite keen on products or services in any segment of fintech that delights customers.

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We Help Management Teams Build Great Companies

TTV Capital invests in fintech companies with sustainable business models and innovative products. Ultimately though, it’s the people in which we invest. We seek to partner with passionate entrepreneurs who understand success is about execution and having a motivated team that focuses on building great products and delighting customers.

Great businesses are not built overnight. It takes a passionate and dedicated team working hard to build a great company. TTV is in the business of serving and supporting those teams. And we are passionate about helping them, we enjoy doing it and are completely committed to providing the resources, relationships and expertise they need to succeed.