A Commitment to

Shared Success

We offer our founders the experience, knowledge, and network they need - as well as the independence to run their companies.

We Work For Founders,

Not The Other Way Around

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We are disciplined in our investment strategy, opportunistic but not reactive.

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We operate with transparency.
We don’t posture, and we value clear communication.

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As industry veterans, our experience yields strong ecosystem connectivity and accurate pattern recognition.

Our Investment Focus

The following categories are a subset of our investment focus areas.

Core financial technologies including payments, banking software, cyber security, risk management, compliance, regtech, financial wellness, insuretech, the CFO stack and others.

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We've Been Here
Since the Beginning

Since we launched in 2000, TTV has built a network, a team, and a portfolio that has materially impacted the financial technology industry.  We've built productive relationships with major financial institutions, payment providers, and industry stakeholders that matter to our founders and investors.  And the TTV team builds collaborative success by treating people with integrity.  Our strong portfolio of market-leading companies and emerging pioneers tells a remarkable shared story of success.