A Commitment to Shared Success

TTV Capital is one of the first and only early-stage venture capital firms focused exclusively on investing in companies in the financial services ecosystem. We've been a driving force in fintech since before the sector was defined.

We Work For Founders,
Not the Other Way Around

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We put personal support into the capital relationship. We don't create work for our founders.

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We operate with authenticity and transparency because genuine partnership yields the greatest success.

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We offer founders the experience, knowledge, and network they need, as well as the independence to run their company without fear of losing control.

We Fund Passionate, Bold Entrepreneurs in Fintech

TTV Capital provides capital and support for fintech companies with high-potential products and large market opportunities. Ultimately though, we invest in people. We invest in entrepreneurs who understand success is about execution and the value of having a motivated, capable team focused on building category-defining businesses. 

Our Investment Focus

The following categories are a subset of our investment focus areas.

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Traditional Fintech

Core financial technologies including payments, banking software, cybersecurity, risk management, compliance, regtech, financial wellness, insuretech, the CFO stack, and others.

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Fintech Enabled Businesses

Fintech applications extended to other industries, as well as fintech as an enablement layer.

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Future of Fintech

Companies that are leveraging emerging technology to revolutionize the financial services industry.

We've Been Here Since the Beginning

We launched in 2000, driven by a desire and a capacity to support the early-stage companies shaping the financial tech landscape. In the twenty plus years since then, TTV has built a network, a team, and a portfolio that is delivering on that focus with exponential impact. We've built productive relationships with major financial institutions, payment providers, and industry stakeholders that matter to our founders and investors. And the TTV team builds collaborative success by how we treat people with authenticity, transparency, and integrity. Our strong portfolio of market-leading companies and emerging pioneers tells a remarkable shared story of success.