Mark Johnson


Atlanta, GA
With TTV since 2008


“A lot of people ask me what the secret is to an entrepreneur’s success. My advice is ‘don’t run out of money.'”

Mark is a Partner at TTV Capital. He is currently on the Board of Directors of DefenseStorm, Onward, Micronotes, Monit, SmartAsset, Foro, and Flossy.

Prior to joining TTV, Mark was the Vice Chairman of CheckFree where he led their Corporate Development and M&A with more than 20 acquisitions during his tenure. He was one of the initial executives at CheckFree, one of the world’s most successful bill payment systems. He was instrumental in CheckFree’s growth from a pre-revenue start-up to a public corporation with over $1 billion in annual revenue. From 2000 to 2003, he worked at e-RM Ventures, a private investing consultancy he founded that focused on early-stage, payments-related companies. Prior to joining CheckFree, Mark worked for the Federal Reserve Bank and Bank One.

Today, he is particularly interested in supporting young and emerging entrepreneurs.

Mark has been on numerous boards including FleerCor, Cardlytics, and

He earned his M.B.A from The Ohio State University and B.S. in Business at Miami University.